Friday, August 14, 2009

Out for Lunch...

We went out for lunch today at Solos Pizza, me and the boys that is, and I realized that things are getting easier! For the first time, Landon and I ate our entire meal w/ conversation and everything was in control. He is getting so much more mature and he wants to be treated like a big boy now. So, he is not running around the restaurant like a crazy man and I am not shoving food down my throat trying to hurry out because a tantrum is in the midst! Of all the things that I have been sad about him getting older, this is definitely not one of them. I love that he is getting older and wants to be independent.

We have come so far in the last 3.5 years! He has always been a very intense child and to put it bluntly, a handful at times. He is very loving, smart and a blast to be around, but he has never been that great at going out to eat and shopping. Anything that has made him be quiet and sit still has been a danger zone, until now.

I think a lot of it is my maturity as a parent too... I think I wanted him to always be perfect (like my mom was with me) and then I realized, let him have his tantrum, don't go to places that take forever to eat, it is not about me, it is about him. Being at home full time has really let my parenting skills be exercised and I am (in my opinion) becoming a much better mother!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cause I'm a Blond, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

My hair is now back to blond!!! I had it colored brown/copper after I had little pumpkin and today I did it back to the "old" Jen blond... I know, brown looks better with my complexion, but I DO NOT CARE :P Brady seemed happy that it was back to blond too. I feel like every month that goes by I am getting closer to being back to good old Jen :) It is funny how after you have a baby your looks are not as important as they were before and then you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say "who the heck are you funky looking lady?" That is the point I am at right now. Even though I am at home all day, I still want to look good... hey, my boys don't want to be around a frumpy mama, they want to be around a hot mama :)
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