Monday, January 30, 2012

Having Boys has Made Me Stronger

Before I had any children, I considered myself pretty girly.  I did play sports while growing up, but I always loved doing my hair, makeup and wearing girly clothes.  I love all things pink, purple, frilly, fancy, shiny, sparkly and gaudy.  Everyone told me that I would make a great "girl mom" someday... they were right, I would!!  I always dreamed of buying dolls, Barbie dolls, dresses, braiding hair and buying cute dresses and outfits for a little girl.... the one that I was going to have someday ;-)

Growing up, our house was female dominant.  I had one sister, my Mom and Dad.  Everything that we did was girly.  Our house was in order and it was quiet.  There was no wrestling, horseplay or jumping off of furniture.  I played with dolls, played school, read books and hung out with my neighbor girl friends... I did not have much to do with boys, nor did I care.

Me at Age 2 :-)

Fast forward 20 years....

My life is the exact OPPOSITE of what I grew up with and what I thought it would be.  It is loud, boys are jumping off the walls (literally), the living room is a constant war zone with bullets flying at my head, video games have taken over the TVs and LOTS and LOTS of wrestling!!!!!  I have become a.... BOY MOM!!!

I truly feel that having boys have been blessing for me.  I have become a better, stronger person by having boys.  They have made me tougher.  I now know how to load over 7 different kinds of Nerf guns, I shop regularly at GameStop, the noise... can't even hear it anymore, I can break up a wrestling match faster than you can say "booger on the wall"and I have stepped on more plastic army men than I can count!!

Having boys is the best thing in the world.... they are so funny, free spirited and don't take anything too personally.  They could be fighting one minute and hugging the next.  

I believe that God gives you only what you need and can handle... and he knew what I needed :-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Overview of Homeschool Week 11

I felt like we finally had a nice solid week of school!!  After a month of holidays and moving, we had just been doing the main subject, nothing extra.

Here are some of the things we did this week:
Since we are doing a month study on Living Things, I decided to get a Triops Kit.  Here Landon is setting up the tank... he filled it with sand, water and then dumped the triop eggs in.

It will take 3-5 days for them to hatch... I will update next week!!

This week in science, we talked about Mammals and Birds.  The boys painted bird houses!!

Also this week in Science, we talked about air resistance and we did a fun experiment to show how it works!

Our lapbook this week was Crawdad Creek.  I chose it because it is based in Ohio and also talked about the different species that exist around the creek. 
Front of Lapbook

Inside- We did half the week talking about the different animals in the book and the other half on the State of Ohio.

Here is Landon reading #2 of his Fun Tales... with the Sonlight curriculum, he gets a new book every week that he needs to learn to read.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Using Eggies for the First Time! (Review)

Brady, the boys and I LOVE hard boiled eggs... but to be honest, it is a pain in the booty to cook them!  When I first saw the commercial for Eggies, I was super excited to try them.  If it actually works, I may just be able to enjoy eating hard boil eggs more often.

My parents got my Eggies for Christmas (yes, I asked for them lol) and today I decided to try them out and see if they work or not.  I read a TON of bad reviews on them, but I still wanted to try it myself.  I find most people are pretty clueless when it comes to following directions, so I don't take most reviews too seriously ;-)

Eggies containers cleaned and ready to go

Unscrew containers and spray the inside with cooking oil 

Once containers are all put back together, take the top off and fill with egg.  I used three containers with regular eggs and three with just egg whites.

Get a large saucepan at a boil

Place all Eggies in boiling water, remove from heat and cover for 25-30 minutes

After 25 minutes, they look done!!

Since I wanted to eat them for dinner, I placed them in a bowl full of cold water and ice to speed up the cooling process

They only fill the bottom portion of the container, but that is not an issue since I am eating it ;-)

All done!!  They popped out pretty easy, I just had to squeeze the container on all four sides and tap!

I was actually really impressed on how the Eggies worked and came out!!  It was much more successful than many reviews had stated... glad I tried them anyway ;-)  They tasted great too!!  One thing I would do different next time is, fill with one large egg and add egg whites to the top... maybe it will give it an actual egg look.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changes, Changes, Changes!!

It has been a couple months since my last post.  With homeschooling, the holidays and our move to Columbus, OH,  I have been a little busy ;-) lol

We have now been in Columbus going on three weeks.  So far, the adjustment has been great!  I really like Columbus and we have been keeping very busy.  I think homeschooling has helped the boys with the transition!

I have found a homeschool co-op that I think would be a great fit for us and we are currently on their waiting list to become members.  One of the group admins invited us to their Valentine's Day party in a couple weeks, so we are very excited to meet some new people!  Also, Landon is apart of the HomeSchool Gym once a week.  It is taught by a gym teacher and Landon can't wait to go every week!!  He has met a lot of kids through that!!

At Gym Class

We also love our new house and the neighborhood!!  There are many kids in the neighborhood and a bunch of Kindergartners!!!  There is a K right next door (a girl) and I think Landon will be having his first crush soon ;-) lol

Our new house!!  I will post pics of inside once we get stuff up on the walls :-)

My goal is to start posting on a regular basis so I can document our new adventures in a new state!!
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