Monday, February 28, 2011

My 5 Favorite Beauty Products

Burt's Bees Shampoo & Conditioner... especially the Very Volumizing. We do not use any shampoos with sulfates in them (because it is super bad for your skin, scalp & can make your hair fall out!!) I LOVE Burt's Bees it is 98% natural and has no sulfates in them... my hair has been so awesome since I threw out all the cheap/bad shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium laurel sulfate in them!!

I only use L'Oreal's Mineral Foundation... it is the BEST mineral wear foundation you can buy without spending a ton of money!! It has the best coverage and I can hardly feel it on!! I haven't used liquid foundation for almost 6 years and I will never again!

Original Sprout Shampoo and Body Wash is simply the best for babies, children and adults! Another sulfate free product and is 100% Vegan!! I bought it for the kids and they never have irritated eyes from using it and their hair and skin is oh, so soft!! My husband also started using it a week ago and decided that he is not going to shave his head for another week or two because his scalp & hair feel so good!! He has been shaving it once a week for the past two years.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer!! I use it on my cheeks and then lightly around my whole face... I always look like I have been sun kissed ;-) No other bronzer/blush can even come close to matching up with this product!!

I love Revlon's PEDI-Expert set! For those mom's that can't get out every other week to get a pedi, this is the next best thing!! I like it way more than the Ped Egg, as it is much sharper and seems to get the job done quicker.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sporting the "June Cleaver" Look

I thought it would be cute to post a picture of my "June Cleaver" look that I sported today while cleaning!! The boys loved it and Landon told me I looked so pretty in my "dress" (apron). lol, I usually do not get told I look pretty while I am mopping floors, doing dishes and vacuuming stairs... I will take any compliments I can get ;-)

One Tired Mama!!

I haven't been on for awhile because I have been tired, hurting and going a little crazy... I am losing the last of my (two babies) weight!! I did not say, "trying," but losing... I am in it for a win and there is no turning back... it has been over three weeks now of working out every other day, eating eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, fish, fresh veggies, fruit, tons of salads and next to no SUGAR!!! Also, I have not bought any McDonald's for the kids or I in that three weeks too... crazy, I know ;-)

I have not weighed myself, because to be honest, I am too nervous to see where I am. I am excited that I am already seeing a difference and I feel so much stronger. Though, in return I am super tired all the time and my body hurts from all the weight training and cardio I am doing.

Hoping that I can get back on track now since this is starting to feel a little normal now :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This year I was without my Valentine on Valentine's Day. Brady left this morning for a business trip and will not be back until Friday night :-( BUT, I had my two wonderful little boys to celebrate with!

We had a little party over at my parent's house. My little niece came over too since my sister and her husband had a Knights of Columbus event. We had so much fun with the three little ones. We had a heart shaped pizza, presents (yes, we do presents in our family) and yummy cupcakes!! The kids were all smiles and that is what it is all about.

I sure did miss Brady, but he did call during prayer time tonight, so that was really nice for the boys and I :-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why do Breastfeeding Mom's Act Superior??

Me bottle feeding Brockie

I know my children are beyond the age of being breastfed, but I feel like I need to address my opinion on this topic.

I did NOT breastfeed either one of my children, though I did pump breast milk for both of them for 4 weeks before I started using formula full-time. I tried so hard with both of them, but neither one would latch on. With Landon, I cried for days feeling like a failure.... I was tired, hormonal, overwhelmed and Brady just looked at me and said, "there is nothing wrong with formula." I was like, you are right... I need to be a strong mommy and move on. When the same thing happened with Brock, I was much more confident in my decision to pump what I could and start him on formula.

I think that breastfeeding IS beautiful and the healthiest thing for your child... no one would argue that. The thing that I just can not stand is when mothers who do/did breastfeed act superior to those who don't... not all do, but most.

I hear over and over again moms say that they have a "better" bond with their child because they breastfed and I totally DISAGREE with that. Anyone who knows my sons and I, know that we are incredibly close and have an amazing bond. Just because one feeds from the breast, does not make them automatically "closer" to their mother, that is something that will build over time as the child grows. You also have to be a loving, loyal mom for that bond to solidify.

Both of my sons have been completely healthy since birth. Landon is one of the best students in his class, both socially and academically. Brock is extremely sharp and catches on quick to anything you show him. They are very loving towards Brady and I. I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

I feel whatever form of feeding your choose for your baby is wonderful... the main thing is, you are feeding them!!

The boy's nurse told me, "On the first day of kindergarten, you will never know who was breastfed and who wasn't... they will all look and act the same."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're Back!!

We're back!! We had the most amazing time in Disney and at the beach... words really can not explain what it felt like watching your children at the happiest place on earth :-) They had so much fun as did Brady and I. My parents were already there when we got there because my sister and her family had been in Disney the week before... it was nice to have the extra hands!! We were so lucky to have nice weather while we were there, it was mostly in the mid 70's the whole time... LOVE IT!!

I made a little video of our time there... ENJOY!!

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