Friday, October 16, 2009

Day off and Daycare

I have to get this off my chest because I am so sick of hearing this! When one works full-time and is away from their child/children all day- all week, why every time they have a day off do they drop their kids off at daycare? I have never understood this from the time I worked at a daycare in college to when I did work full time and had Landon in daycare... what, I am sorry, did you say you needed "mommy time?" Poor thing, being at work around friends all day and going out to lunch isn't enough mommy time for you? Please people, try using your time off with YOUR CHILD! As far as I am concerned, those that drop their kids off at daycare every free chance they have should seriously consider not having anymore kids, as it seems there is no point! I feel that parents these days are more concerned about their own happiness then their child's... and I really wish that parents would stop saying their child LOVES daycare and LOVES being there because the truth is, they are there for 8+ hours a day and have no other choice but to be there. Here is another thought... you say you need a break, what about your kid?? Do you not think they also need a break from daycare and maybe have a special day with mommy or daddy??

I have to be 100% honest, when I worked full-time I NEVER once took a day off in 3 1/2 years without having Landon with me... neither did Brady. If either one of us had the day off, Landon was there with us running errands, going out for lunch and loving him up every chance we got. Maybe that is the difference between us as parents and other parents, we ENJOY our children and we ENJOY being with them... we would never have it any other way.

Of course we all need a break once in awhile to get things done, but why every day off? I wish that parents these days would be REAL parents and stop relying on everyone else to take care of their child so they can live without the nuisance of doing it themselves. It truly killed me inside dropping Landon off at daycare, to the point where I gave up my career for the time being so I wouldn't have to endure it anymore, and to see parents drop off on their day off disgust me and I wonder what type of parents they really are... I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

“As A Mom…A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots.”

To all Conservative Mommas:

Here is a new website for Christian conservative mom's who can get together and talk about what is important to them and their families in regards to government issues and politics. Conservative mom's are out there and we are proud our of country!!

The Nine Principles
1. America is good.
2. I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.
3. I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.
4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.
5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.
6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.
7. I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.
8. It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.
9. The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.
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