Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nap Time & 3 Years Apart

Nap time should be the highlight of my day. The time where I can have some quiet time and do something for me... but I do not have that. Landon has not taken a "nap" for almost six months. I have him do an hour of quiet time in my bedroom and for the most part, he does an awesome job at staying quiet while Brock takes his nap. The only problem I am having is, as soon as his hour is up, he runs down stairs like a crazy man and is bouncing off the walls until Brock wakes up. It drives me NUTS! I am so paranoid for the whole second hour of Brock's nap that he is going to wake up from his crazy brother downstairs. I know it is not Landon's fault, he is like a large outdoor animal that can not be caged up in one place. Sometimes, I will take him outside if it is nice and bring the baby monitor with, but that is not always an option. I would say that this is the BIGGEST drawback of having your kids 3 years apart... they are at totally different stages of their life and sometimes I feel like they both suffer in some way because of it. Landon is into doing more active stuff outside, while Brock can barely sit up on his own... Landon wants to head out on the town for the day, but Brock is on a strict schedule... Landon wants to stay up late and watch movies and Brock can not stay up a minute pass 8:30 PM.

As there are many things that make it hard sometimes having your kids 3 years apart, there are also so many good things. Like Landon being a HUGE helper, completely potty trained and independent little guy who is able to get his own snacks and dress himself. I honestly do not know how parents do it with having their kids 1 year apart... it would be like having two babies at the same time. That is the reason that we waited to have Brock until Landon was older, we wanted him to be out of the toddler stage and to the point where he was not so needy. I know the older they get the easier it will be and they will have much more in common, but right now I feel like I am torn between two different worlds!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pre-school... I am not ready!!

I am not, but Landon is! I have known that Landon was going to go to pre-school since last year, but when it came time to drop him off on his first day, I was an internal mess :( My first baby, on to bigger better things. I am happy that he loves it so much, but I can not help feeling like it is just going way too fast. It feels kind of weird being the "parent" dropping off. Most of the parents are about 5-10 years older than me and are experienced with their kids in school... I am not and I am trying really hard to act like I know what I am doing and know how to deal with my sadness. All I know is that I want the world for Landon and what matters most is him being happy. So, I have to get over feeling sad and realize that he is a happy, healthy little man that has a wonderful future ahead of him :)

Hovering Parents

Yes, the hovering parent... why oh, why? I just do not understand why when I go to the park with my children I see these poor 3,4,5 and even 6 year old kids with parents that follow a foot behind. Let them be, let them play, let them make friends, don't HOVER!

These parents need to stop using their own insecurities with their child, it is just not fair. It is okay to watch them from the ground... or, play with them if there are no other kids at the park, but don't take them away from playing with children their own age! I just can not stand the hovering parent!

There has been so many times that Landon and another child start to play with each other and a mom or dad comes and is like "Billy, come and go down the slide with me, lets play on the swings!" Really? Get a life and let your child go... it is okay to talk to the other parents and even take a seat on the bench and relax while your child plays with someone besides you. UHG!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

20 Things I've Come to Realize

1.) I've Come to Realize: That my body will never be the same after having 2 kids, no matter how much I workout

2.) I've Come to Realize: It is not worth debating a democrat because they never have correct information to back up their point of view

3.) I've Come to Realize: I love my husband as much as I did the day I met him 13 years ago in 9th grade

4.) I've Come to Realize: The older I get, the more my family becomes my best friend

5.) I've Come to Realize: Brady will probably never have another soda in his life

6.) I've Come to Realize: Like any other job, being a stay at home mom can be taken away at any moment

6.) I've Come to Realize: Some people fill their unhappiness by trying to put you down

7.) I've Come to Realize: I will probably only have two children

8.) I've Come to Realize: I still need my parents

9.) I've Come to Realize: I don't need to spend a lot of money to be happy

10.) I've Come to Realize: I can pretty much do anything with my Political Science degree, so don't worry about what you have your major in

11.) I've Come to Realize: Some parents don't like to spend time with their children as much as I do

12.) I've Come to Realize: That I love my life right now more then ever before

13.) I've Come to Realize: That I am much more organized and a clean freak since I have had kids

14.) I've Come to Realize: Landon will probably be sleeping in our bed until he graduates from High School :)

15.) I've Come to Realize: Boys have taken over my girly-girl life

16.) I've Come to Realize: I am blessed to still have 3 of my grandparents alive and actively apart of my life

17.) I've Come to Realize: I will not have a "career" while my kids are growing up... I do not want to miss a thing

18.) I've Come to Realize: I like being home during the day and I never get stir crazy like I thought I would

19.) I've Come to Realize: Speaking my mind has made me who I am

20.) I've Come to Realize: I have the most beautiful family and I am thankful for them everyday, especially my husband who works hard to make sure we are happy :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working Out and Pregnancy Weight

Okay, so now I am back on my workout routine... I am going T-TH-SU for now in the morning before Brady leaves for work. My legs, back, abs, arms and everywhere in between hurt so bad. It truly makes me wonder why I stop in the first place because getting back into shape is PAINFUL... like HS volleyball try outs painful. Plus, I am getting older and it is not as easy to loose a quick 10lbs like before, so I am having to work twice as hard. Not to mention that having two babies in three years has not been kind to my body.

Pre children, I looked good... I mean, still in the same size I was when I was in 10th grade... then comes baby number one and an extra 50lbs... Yes, I said 50lbs!!! Of course I lost 25 of it within 6 months of having him, but I still have a lovely 25 hanging around. Second baby, I was smart! I only gained 23lbs and with Brady's high protein meals, I was back in my old jeans 3 weeks post-partum. So, I really, really want to get rid of this nastiness for good. That is my goal and I hope to say goodbye to it forever :) Please think of me at around 7AM on the Tread climber and lifting weights, and pray to give me strength to make it through the whole hour and that I will eventually have a rock'n body again (as rock'n as it can be after two kids)!!
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