Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lysol Touch of Foam- BzzAgent Review!!

Another great (FREE) product from BzzAgent to try and review!!  Last month, I received Lysol Touch of Foam!!!

We go through soooooooooooo much hand soap at our house, so I was super excited to get this product to try.  We normally just buy the store brand hand soap at our local grocery store and then refill as need be- so getting Lysol Touch of Foam was quite the treat!

First of all, my boys LOVE foam soap!  It makes hand washing so much more fun for them.  They were actually the ones who were excited to try the soap the day we got it!  My oldest said he loved the way it felt (smooth) and he thought it smelled great.  My youngest just had fun playing with the silky foam.  Doesn't matter to me what they do, as long as they wash their hands and they are clean!!

Using Lysol Touch of Foam

WOW!!  This is fun!!
How did it compare to our typical hand soap?  It smelled much better, it has a wonderful/smooth feeling, it dispensed cleaner onto our hands and it did not make my hands dry after.  Downfall?  It only lasted about a month at our kitchen sink, which was a shorter amount of time than our typical soap.  Also, I haven't been able to find another one at the store to replace it... hoping that will change in time!!

I would definetly be willing to buy this product again.  I would not buy it to have at every single sink in the house, but to have special at the kitchen sink for frequent use.

Thanks BzzAgent & Lysol for the opportunity to try this product!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As a BzzAgent, I get FREE products to try and review all the time.  One of the lastest products that they sent me was Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream.

I honestly had NO idea what B.B. Cream even was... I had heard of it, but never really knew what it's purpose was.  Is it a foundation, SPF cream, concealer, skin care cream, will it help oily skin???  Well, I soon found out, it was all the above!!

I have super oily skin, so once I applied it to my face, I could feel a difference!  It had such a nice dry finish and an even coverage, that I decided to ditched my foundation all together!!  It has been about three weeks of using it everyday and I can say that my face has cleared up and is starting to look flawless.

After using Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream

As far as a SPF, it works great!!  We went to Hilton Head on vacation last week and I put SPF 15 on my body (B.B. Cream on face) and my whole body got burned, except my face!!

I love this product and glad that I was able to try it through BzzAgent- I will definitely be repurchasing it!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why the 4th of July is my Favorite Holiday

Let the 4th of July planning begin!!!  I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday and bought a boat load of fabric to sew the boys and I 4th outfits, I have been checking websites for list of 4th events, figuring out parade & fireworks schedules, planning out the yummy dessert I am going to bake and thinking of how we can decorate the pontoon boat for the lake parade... yes, the 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday of the year!!!!

Pequot Lakes Parade (2011)

You may be wondering why in the world is the 4th my favorite holiday... I mean isn't everyone's favorite holiday celebrating Jesus' birthday?  While I do love many other holidays and enjoy Christmas time, nothing compares to the 4th of July!

Pequot Lakes Parade (2011)

Here are my reasons:

- I don't have to buy presents for anyone
- It's warm out
- I can be SUPER patriotic
- Parades with candy... need I say more? ;-)
- Hanging out on the boat
- I do not need to bounce from house to house
- I do not need to prepare a bunch a dishes to share
- Everyone is happy
- Everyone is drunk
- Watching fireworks around the lake while sitting on the dock
- I don't have to fit church into our schedule
- The kids running around with sparklers
- It hasn't been commercialized
- It's the United States of America's holiday

Watching fireworks 

The main reason I love the 4th of July is because it is a day celebrating our country and freedom- it is a day to relax and enjoy my family.  Every other holiday is revolved around preparing/buying this and that, being stressed out, running to house to house, making sure everyone else is happy.  4th of July is a holiday that everyone can enjoy :-)

Have a Happy 4th of July and God Bless!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Things I Would Pay Someone to Clean....

Pam’s Clipart Images

I am struggling... struggling to keep up with the house cleaning.  When I was just a SAHM, I had all day to schedule out my cleaning chores.  Now that I have added "Teacher" to my responsibilities, school and activities have trumped cleaning the house.  Poor house... I mean it doesn't look horrible (some may think it looks great), but so many things have been sitting untouched... uncleaned. I feel like I am drowning everyday in chores that have not been completed, I always feel behind.

I was thinking to myself (okay I was dreaming) if I could pay someone to come here and help me, what are the chores that I hate the most that I would want them to do... so, here it is:

1. Clean all the showers/bathtubs
Uggg... I hate cleaning the bathtubs and showers!!  I always feel like I am going to faint from all the horrible fumes in the cleaners and my back hurts so bad from bending over scrubbing.

2. Folding Laundry and Putting it Away
BORING!!!  It is boring and takes forever... my husband will even tell you, I will put off folding two baskets of clean laundry until I absolutely have to!!

3. Vacuuming Stairs
There are too many of them and it seems like right after I vacuum them they get dirty right away!

4. Unloading the Dishwasher
Seriously, who likes that job???  All the SAHM's out there know we go through A LOT of dishes during the day.  While working families may run the dishwasher once or twice a week, we run it once or twice a DAY!  Another completely boring job...

5. Washing Windows
Because it is not just the inside that needs to be washed, but also the outside!  I always start off liking this task, but by the time I hit that 10th window, I want to break it!!

If you could have a cleaning service come to your house, what would YOU want them to clean??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sleeping Family!!

Over the past couple weeks, I have snapped a few pictures of the kiddos sleeping!!  I may have done it because, A. They never sleep, B. When they do fall asleep, it is in the cutest positions/places and C. because they are growing up so quick and I want to capture everything (I will touch more on that in tomorrow's post).

As you can see, Sky Crazy McMullen made it into the pictures!!!  The boys LOVE our Weimaraner so much (as CRAZY as he is) and usually end up sleeping with him at night :-)

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

After reading many other homeschool mom's blogs and seeing their daily school schedule, I thought I would do the same!  It is so much fun to see what other families do and I feel that we can learn from each other :-)

Here is our schedule from Monday of this week.  We use Sonlight's Kindergarten Multi-Subject for curriculum... we LOVE using it!


Week 14

Seashore life/underwater life/coral reefs/sharks
Valentine’s Day/Pirates
Letter C


Pledge of Allegiance & Calendar

Storytime, If You Were a Penguin

Language Arts
- Copy-work 1/Exercise 1
- Browse the C Pages in Dictionary
- Make C Letter Sheet
- Alphabet Flash Cards
- Read Mac’s Map (#5)

- Read, Under the Sea
- Children’s encyclopedia (p. 78-79)
- Activity Sheet (#1-3)

- Teach Inches
- Teach numbers between 40’s
- Review place value
- Review ordinal numbers
- Count to 70
- Lesson 50 worksheet

- History/Geography
Pirate Lapbook

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