Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Decision to Homeschool

When we had finally came to the decision to homeschool, I was beyond excited!!!  I couldn't wait to tell everyone about the new journey our family was going to make together.  Then I remembered what some of my friends and other parents who homeschool had told me... people will judge you and not accept your choice to homeschool.  My excitement started to die.  Now I have to deal with unwanted opinions... but who cares?  Not me!!  I am so happy that I am given the opportunity to teach my child one on one and he will be able to get the education that he deserves.

Landon started kindergarten in September.  We do not "dislike" his school and we love his teacher, we just didn't think he was getting what he should.  He was doing half-days (2.5 hours a day) and he was coming home worse off then when I put him on the bus... he was regressing and started having a bad attitude.  Landon loves school and learning, so when he would get off the bus and say he had a "boring" day and that they didn't really do anything, a red flag went up.

I talked to his teacher about the time he is there and how hard it must be for her to teach.  She opened up to me and told me how difficult it is for the half-day kindergartner teachers to "teach" when they have to get the same amount of curriculum in as the full-day K classes.  She said she pretty much just teaches them what they need to pass the standardize testing at the end of the year... there is not too much time for extra subjects.

Well, this just isn't acceptable for our child... we have higher expectations for him and his education.  So, we decided we are going to take it into our own hands and give him our all.  I bought the multi-subject curriculum from Sonlight and I am so impressed!!  He is now going to be studying Geography, Science, Language Arts, Math, History, Reading and Bible Study... everyday!!

I am starting him this Thursday and I have been busy setting up his "classroom."  He is so excited and asks me a million times a day when we can start school at home :-)

Oh and as far as socialization, he will get PLENTY of it!!  I have him in Sunday school, basketball, Library time and we plan to join some homeschool co-ops in our area.  Plus, if anyone knows Landon and I, you know that we will have no problem socializing ;-) LOL

Landon opening his box of curriculum from Sonlight.com

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