Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

After reading many other homeschool mom's blogs and seeing their daily school schedule, I thought I would do the same!  It is so much fun to see what other families do and I feel that we can learn from each other :-)

Here is our schedule from Monday of this week.  We use Sonlight's Kindergarten Multi-Subject for curriculum... we LOVE using it!


Week 14

Seashore life/underwater life/coral reefs/sharks
Valentine’s Day/Pirates
Letter C


Pledge of Allegiance & Calendar

Storytime, If You Were a Penguin

Language Arts
- Copy-work 1/Exercise 1
- Browse the C Pages in Dictionary
- Make C Letter Sheet
- Alphabet Flash Cards
- Read Mac’s Map (#5)

- Read, Under the Sea
- Children’s encyclopedia (p. 78-79)
- Activity Sheet (#1-3)

- Teach Inches
- Teach numbers between 40’s
- Review place value
- Review ordinal numbers
- Count to 70
- Lesson 50 worksheet

- History/Geography
Pirate Lapbook

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