Monday, May 2, 2011

More about ME :-)

I have been a stay at home mom for over two years, but before that I was a working mama!!

I received my bachelor's degree from St. Cloud State University in Political Science and I minored in English.  I started off as a Elementary Ed major, but changed after the Gore/Bush election in 2000... I was glued to the tv and I was hooked on politics!!  I ended up getting a great internship my senior year of college at the State Capitol as the Speaker of the House's Personal Page for 6 months.  I learned so much and made life long friends while there.

Me and my Besties!!
Stanley Cup in the Governor's Office

I actually returned to the Capitol two years later as a Legislative Assistant to a Senator in the MN Republican Caucus.  Yes, I am a full fledged Republican!!  At this point, I was married with a baby and I seemed to look at politics a little different than I had when I was in college.  Daily caucus meetings frustrated me... these people who held office (and at one time I looked up to) were more interested in themselves being in the spotlight and not the true problems our State was going through at the time.  Also, my Senator was the "Devil wears Prada" all over again... no joke!

I realized that it was better to volunteer and support people running for office that I truly believe in.  I enjoy working elections and feel I can put good positive energy into what I love :-)

After that, I worked for a federally funded company that specialized in natural disaster relief... it was a very fast pace place to work, I like it a lot!!  While I was there, we were cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina and the hurricanes in Texas, along with a bunch of small levee jobs.  I loved working there and it worked out so well... Landon was at a daycare down the street and we were 15 min from home!!

The only problem was, I missed Landon sooooo much during the day.  To the point where it was literally painful to drop him off at daycare.  Everyday I got to my desk, looked at his picture and cried... everyday.  As much as loved working, I loved Landon more.  So, when I got pregnant with Brock, we decided I was going to stay home full-time once he was born.

It was the best decision I ever made.  I love being home with the kids... my heart it full of happiness now, no more tears :-)
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