Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas is the time for... an ATHEIST?

I am pretty upset about something I just read on Facebook... I was looking at one of my friend's pictures from Christmas. They had a beautiful tree up, tons of gifts, her daughter was in a beautiful red dress and their was a wonderful fest of food! Wow, looks like a typical Christmas at most people's houses... so, I went on to read her profile and under religion, it said, ATHEIST! What? You don't believe in God? Then why in the heck are you celebrating Christ's birthday?

No one has a right to celebrate Christmas if they do not believe in Christ... do not use Christmas as a fun day to exchange gifts and eat a bunch of food! How dare she or anyone else use a sacred day in the Christian Religion for their day of fun!

I am not even going to tackle my feelings on Atheists, because I do not have that kind of time right now and that is not the point of this post.... but I will confront anyone who takes the Lord's name in vein and or mocks his existence... those who do not believe will not be saved and if you feel that he is not real, don't waste your time celebrating the birth of our savior!!
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