Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No more Babies :-(

Well, we finished gathering all of Brock's baby clothes that he does not fit into anymore and brought it all to Goodwill... that means that there will not be anymore Witt babies from our house :-( I have such mixed emotions about it.

On one hand, I am happy with my beautiful boys and love the wonderful balance of having two kids. Also, Brady comes from a large family (14 kids) and he has always said he only wants 2 kids so he can give them everything they need from birth until they finish college, including love, support, attention and financial help. I come from a family of 4, with just me and my sister... I always wondered what it would have been to just have one more kid in our family and sometimes wish my parents would have had more.

On the other hand, I am sad that I will never be able to carry another baby in my belly again and hold a newborn in my arms... and of course, adding another beautiful child to our family!! I really am not worried or feel the need to have a girl... I am one and I know how they are!! hehehehe

Brady is right though, we need to move on now and start to live our life with our family as it is... complete :-)
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