Friday, February 25, 2011

One Tired Mama!!

I haven't been on for awhile because I have been tired, hurting and going a little crazy... I am losing the last of my (two babies) weight!! I did not say, "trying," but losing... I am in it for a win and there is no turning back... it has been over three weeks now of working out every other day, eating eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, fish, fresh veggies, fruit, tons of salads and next to no SUGAR!!! Also, I have not bought any McDonald's for the kids or I in that three weeks too... crazy, I know ;-)

I have not weighed myself, because to be honest, I am too nervous to see where I am. I am excited that I am already seeing a difference and I feel so much stronger. Though, in return I am super tired all the time and my body hurts from all the weight training and cardio I am doing.

Hoping that I can get back on track now since this is starting to feel a little normal now :-)
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