Thursday, January 26, 2012

Overview of Homeschool Week 11

I felt like we finally had a nice solid week of school!!  After a month of holidays and moving, we had just been doing the main subject, nothing extra.

Here are some of the things we did this week:
Since we are doing a month study on Living Things, I decided to get a Triops Kit.  Here Landon is setting up the tank... he filled it with sand, water and then dumped the triop eggs in.

It will take 3-5 days for them to hatch... I will update next week!!

This week in science, we talked about Mammals and Birds.  The boys painted bird houses!!

Also this week in Science, we talked about air resistance and we did a fun experiment to show how it works!

Our lapbook this week was Crawdad Creek.  I chose it because it is based in Ohio and also talked about the different species that exist around the creek. 
Front of Lapbook

Inside- We did half the week talking about the different animals in the book and the other half on the State of Ohio.

Here is Landon reading #2 of his Fun Tales... with the Sonlight curriculum, he gets a new book every week that he needs to learn to read.

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