Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hovering Parents

Yes, the hovering parent... why oh, why? I just do not understand why when I go to the park with my children I see these poor 3,4,5 and even 6 year old kids with parents that follow a foot behind. Let them be, let them play, let them make friends, don't HOVER!

These parents need to stop using their own insecurities with their child, it is just not fair. It is okay to watch them from the ground... or, play with them if there are no other kids at the park, but don't take them away from playing with children their own age! I just can not stand the hovering parent!

There has been so many times that Landon and another child start to play with each other and a mom or dad comes and is like "Billy, come and go down the slide with me, lets play on the swings!" Really? Get a life and let your child go... it is okay to talk to the other parents and even take a seat on the bench and relax while your child plays with someone besides you. UHG!

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