Monday, March 29, 2010

The Love Story Between Landon & McDonald's

All I can say is, whoever is in charge of marketing for McDonald's is a down right genius!!

Before this last fall, going to McDonald's was a VERY rare occasion because Brady and I think it is greasy and bad for you. Well, that all changed when Landon started preschool last fall. He was having a real hard time being left at school, so one day I told him if he sat down nice in circle and didn't cry when I left him, I would get him McDonald's after school. It worked like a charm!! .

I have got in the bad habit of once a week picking it up after school as a "treat." Now, he wants it all the time and throws the biggest fit every time we go by one! When we run errands in the morning or we are leaving Lifetime Fitness he asks if we can go and I always say "no, not today" and he start screaming and crying... really? It is only McDonald's kid. What MD has figured out though is, the kids don't really care about the food, they want the stupid toy that comes in the cute little box.

He is too far gone to go back now. Even if we never went back, he would still cry for his chickie nuggets, fries and toy... it will forever be on his mind. Ugggg, those darn golden arches!!!
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