Friday, April 2, 2010


Yesterday the boys and I went to check out a Catholic church just up the road from our house. Neither Brady or I even knew it was there since it is up on a hill in the old downtown of Hamel. So, we went and LOVED it! The people working the office were so nice and inviting and showed us around. We even got to see the Sunday School room for Landon. The total parishioners is 400 families, which is super small for a Catholic church... I think this might be the church that we haven been looking for!!

This has been quite the journey finding a church that fits us. I was brought up Methodist and was pretty active in the church growing up. Brady is Catholic... so, after we got married and I became pregnant we decided it was best for us to be apart of one church. I decided to become Catholic. I went through the 9 month long class and was re-confirmed as a Catholic. It was a great experience and the church we were going to at the time made it much easier for me because they said to take my Methodist upbringing along with me during my new journey with Christ.

We have been off and on going to church over the past 3 years because we have not found "the" church. I am having a real hard time adjusting the largeness of the Catholic churches... there is just too many people and I just do not like that atmosphere. The Methodist church I was brought up in was big for Methodist standards, it had around 200 families. I want to feel like a member, I want to feel like I can make a difference, I want to know all the people in the church and I don't want to feel like 1 in 5,000.

We will be attending Mass on Easter Sunday there and we will see how it works... though we will need to try a couple Sundays being Easter Sunday is CRAZY!! I can not wait for Landon and Brock to feel apart of a church the way I did when I was little... wish us luck :-)
St. Anne's in Hamel, MN

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