Sunday, April 4, 2010


Brady has had a pair of Keen sandals for about two years and loves them! So, when we asked Landon what kind of sandals he wanted this year, he said ones like daddy :-) We went to Dick's Sporting Goods tonight and let him pick out a pair and they look so cute on him. He is very excited!!

After Landon had found his pair, Brady looks at me and tells me to pick out a pair too... I was thinking this is definitely not my style of sandal, but they do look comfortable and I really have no need for too many pairs of dressy sandals when I am home all day. I tried a pair on (of course the purple ones) and LOVED it! I was so surprised how comfortable they are and they actually do look cute. The most important thing is, Brady likes them on me ;-) He really likes the sporty look on girls and I am trying to be better at dressing "sporty chic."

I am really excited to try them out tomorrow :-D

Here is the pair I got.

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