Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clothes... it's a Love-Hate Relationship!

I am so frustrated right now!! I just went through my closet and threw away5 pairs of jeans that are too big for me... that is a good thing, but now I only have one pair that fits :-( I am so happy that I have lost over 25lbs since having Brock, but now my closet is no use to me at all!

I gained 50lbs while pregnant with Landon and was able to shed off about 10lb after... I was overweight for about 2 years and then I got pregnant with Brock and ate sooooo healthy and only gained 25lbs the entire pregnancy... was able to shed that weight pretty quickly. My clothes are ALL too big now and everything that fits from before Landon is so outdated and ugly. Everything from after Landon is huge! I love to go shopping but I hate how things look on me, because even though I am about 10lbs from my pre-kids weight, my body does not look the same and things definitely do not fit the same :-(

I am just in a crappy place right now because I would like to loose another 15-20lbs to get back down to my college weight and this transitional period is killing me! Brady and I went to Macy's a month ago because he wanted me to get a nice pair of jeans and cute shirts... needless to say, we left with nothing but underwear for Landon. I am sure there was plenty of things there that would have worked, but nothing made me "feel" cute like I did before kids. I just have to accept that my body will never be the "same" and no matter how much weight I loose and things will never "fit" the same. I love to shop for clothes, but I don't have that same excitement that I used to have about it :-(

One of my favorite pictures of my sister and I the summer before I got married... my goal weight!! Hey, it gives me motivation ;-)

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