Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from a Break!!

I have taken a couple months off from blogging due to it being soooo incredibly busy!!  Thank you to all of you who are still following me... I will be back in full blogging swing soon!! Along with keeping the boys busy having a fun summer, we also moved a month ago... we are finally getting life "normal" again.

We have had every single weekend jammed packed with family reunions, parties of every kind and trying to get up to the lake home when we can.  This is what life is all about, right?  Keeping busy with the ones you love :-)

So, yes!  We moved!!  After living in our town home for 6 1/2 years, we were beyond ready to move to a bigger single family home.  The kids LOVE our new house!!  They each get their own bedroom now and we have a family room just for them and all of their toys!!  Brady and I have our "adult" family room with our TV and it is TOY FREE :-D  We also are on 3/4 of an acre... fenced in yard!!  The dog is in heaven.  I will post pics this week... I just need to remember ;-) lol

Also, yesterday I turned the big 3-0!!  I can honestly say, I am proud to be 30.  I am married to my soul-mate, have two beautiful/healthy kids and am living the life I always dreamed... I am not racing against any clocks lets just say!!  I have it all by 30 ;-)  I know that there is much more fun to come in life and I pray that God gives me another 30 (or 50) to experience as much or more then I have so far in my life!!

I am hoping to squeeze a couple more posts in before school starts and I have time to blog more!

Here are a couple pics from my b-day party last night!

Haha... they thought they could embarrass me!!

This is TROUBLE!!!   

Me and my sweet niece, Victoria!!
Brock had fun :-)

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