Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Must be Nice... Rough Life (Justified Vent)

If you are a SAHM, you have probably heard that a million times from people when referring to you being home... I get it all the time.  "It must be nice" or "rough life" ALWAYS said in a rude way!!  Implying that being a SAHM is easy... well, it is not.

This is what I say to all those who think or feel this is true about SAHM's:

-Must be nice to have a lunch break
-Must be nice to be able to talk to adults all day
-Must be nice to sit at your desk at work... in silence
-Must be nice to go out to lunch with friends from work
-Must be nice to be able to listen to whatever you want on the radio in the car
-Must be nice to take a day off and then drop your kid off at daycare

For those without kids:
-Must be nice to be able to sleep-in on the weekends
-Must be nice to come home and veg out in front of the TV
-Must be nice to have no one but yourself to spend money on
-Must be nice to go to a movie & dinner whenever you want
-Must be nice to go out to happy hour after work every day
-Must be nice to travel whenever you want

For those that say, "Wow, sounds like a rough life," when I tell them about my day... here is the skinny on that my friends:

-We go to the beach for the afternoon- NO, I am not laying in the sand, relaxing with headphones getting my tan on... I am up pacing the beach watching my kids, getting them snacks, cleaning up snacks with sand all over it, drying them off over and over again, applying and re-applying sun screen, and cleaning up our area when it is time to leave... UGGGG

-We go out to lunch- There is no small talk, laughing or relaxing going on.  Once we have got past the ordering ordeal, we have to find a spot, which usually ends in fighting between the boys over what spot is better, then it is waiting for the food to come out... anything can happen in the 5-10 min, either harmony or chaos!!  Trying to keep the boys happy and calm so they do not interrupted the other people eating is extremely STRESSFUL!!  By the time the food comes, I am scarfing it down so we can leave as soon as the boys are done.

-We go to the mall- You shop and have fun, I race through the stores, grabbing what I need quickly... at the same time chasing after kids who are completely bord and want to leave.  There is crying, whining and there is NO WAY they are even going to let me stop for one second to look at something for myself!!  I am there for 30min and my head hurts... we are done at the mall.

The next time you want to judge a SAHM and THINK you know what their life is like, remember it is not the same as being by yourself having a day off... this is EVERY day of my life taking care of two other human beings.

Thank you and enjoy your day ;-)
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