Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At the Cabin with My Boys

I decided to take the boys up to my parent's cabin for the week since Landon has t-ball starting next week and it goes through the month of July. It is just me, the boys and dogs. I was a little nervous about coming up alone, but now that I am up here, I LOVE it!!! It is so quiet being here during the week and I feel like I do not have to keep up on cleaning like I do at home, so in a sense it is like a mini vacation!!

Today it was raining pretty bad outside and the boys were getting super antsy, so I decided to take them to Zorbaz in Crosslake. I am so glad I took them there... they have a ton of arcades and it was empty, so they could run around and I did not have to worry about them disturbing anyone. They had fun and I had a tiny-little quiet moment while I ate and Brock and Landon were pretending to play a car racing game.

We ended the day with fishing down at the dock. I caught a fish and Brie took a chunk out of the poor thing as I was pulling it out of the water. Brock had fun watching us fish and Landon whined the whole time because of... well, just about everything!

Happy the night has come to an end and I am looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow with a high of 80 degrees :-)

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