Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Oldest Son

Today was, well... a "hard day." Landon was very hard to deal with, which I know was partly because he has not been getting good sleep up at the cabin... but still, he was driving me crazy!!

Everything that he did today started and ended with whining, crying, yelling and just plain naughtiness!! I had enough to deal with by keeping an eye on him running in and out of the cabin, on the dock, up on the hill and chasing the dog and then I had Brock to tend to, making meals, watching dogs, cleaning up after the tornado that is constantly going through... I just can not take his behavior anymore! At one point tonight after dinner we were playing in the sand and I said "10 more minutes before bed" and he looked at me and said he was going to throw his shovel at me!! WWWHHHHHAATTTTTT??? I grabbed him and dragged him to his room for a timeout. I hate having the mood so negative... it is not good for any of us, especially Brock who has to watch all the drama unfold in front of him.

Who is this kid? He usually is my little sweetheart and helper... but, lately he has been making things so hard for me. I know it is just a phase and probably lack of sleep since we are so busy this summer.

I do have to say that he came up to me tonight and gave me a hug and said I was a good mommy... that was very nice of him, but he was only trying to stay up later!!

If this is how he is at 4, what is he going to be like at 14???
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