Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Grim is out for ME!!!!

OMGosh!! I have almost been hit twice in the past two day by IDIOTS going through a red light... I mean inches of hitting me!! I might add, both of my babies were in the car at the time :-( After it happened, I was shaking so bad... and it eventually turned to anger!

Seriously, people wake up! My kid's lives are more important than you going through a light to get somewhere 3 min sooner.

On top of that, I fell down the stairs tonight!! I was okay, just twisted my ankle a little. Landon heard, and ran down the stairs from his bedroom and was like, "mommy, are you okay?? I will help you!" So cute, but I assured him that mommy was okay... it is nice to know that he is aware of what is going on, since Brady is out of town this week.

Tomorrow I am taking the kids and fur-kids up to the cabin... by myself... in the car... I am praying we make it there safely!!!
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