Friday, April 1, 2011


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Condimentaphobia- Fear of condiments... ketchup, relish, mayonnaise, mustered, etc.

Though this is hard to write about (because it makes me sick) I wanted to share my strange fear... mayonnaise!!!! EEKKKK

When most people find out, they think that I am just kidding around about the fact that it scares me... but it is true, I have a real phobia of mayo.

- When I see it, my heart starts racing, my throat feels like it is closing, I go into a sweat
- I can not go down the aisle at the grocery store where it is (if I absolutely have to, I run passed it and don't look)
- It is NOT allowed in my house
- The site of it makes me gag
- I can not be anywhere near someone who is cooking with it or eating it
- At holidays & parties, I have to go around and ask everyone who brought food to make sure there isn't any mayo in it
- Gosh, just writing the word MAYO makes me ill!!!

My Mom says that I have had a phobia of mayo since I was around 3 years old. I would have a huge meltdown if it was on my food... usually involving screaming and crying. I think at first my parents thought I just didn't like the taste of it, but they then realized it was a little more then that.

This phobia has really inconvenienced my life (for my family too). My poor husband has had to endure many embarrassing moments at restaurants when they have brought my food out with mayo on it and I refuse to even take the plate. The waiters just think I am being a snob, but really inside I am in a full panic and want to cry.

Does anyone else have a strange phobia??

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