Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm not a Stereotypical SAHM...

There is definitely a generalization of what a SAHM is and does during the day & frankly I do not think that I fall in line with any of them!!

1. I am not frugal and hate cutting coupons
2. Disposable diapers please!!
3. I sign my oldest son up for as many activities as I can for interaction with other children... I can't provide everything he needs just being at home
4. I do not bake sweets often... if I do, I eat it :-(
5. I am anti-play groups
6. We rarely hang out at home for the whole day... we are always out and about!
7. I work out every other day at the gym. No excuse, SAHM's DO have the time to go
8. I don't sew (though, I would like to change that)
9. I NEVER watch TV during the day... the first show I get to watch is at 9pm.
10. You will never see me in sweats. I get up every morning and do my hair & make-up and put "normal" clothes on.
11. I take the kids out to lunch often. Mommy needs a break & it is good for kids to learn restaurant etiquette.
12. If my kids want to sleep until 10am, I let them... I do not force them to wake up at a certain time because I am "worried" that they won't take a nap time.
13. I haven't lost myself while being a SAHM. EVERYONE needs to be taken care of, not just the kids.
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