Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time with Daddy

Even though I am home with the kids all day and I am able to play with them, witness their milestones and get to enjoy all their funny moments, my husband Brady is not.  The kids miss their Dad during the day and can not wait for him to get home.  He usually gets home around 6:30pm, so our day is very long without him.

Little boys need their dad, especially after spending the entire day with their girly-girl mom.  As soon as dinner is done, it is like a wave of testosterone takes over the house!!  The boys just gravitate to their Dad and it usually ends with both boys on top of him... two against one wrestling match :-)  Boys LOVE to wrestle and I am so happy that they have a Dad that will lay on the floor with them and let them burn off their little boy energy!

Last night, we went outside and Brady played football and running races with the boys.  After that, we came in and Landon wanted to take a family picture with his pretend camera, so I also took one with mine. We followed up the night with a cut throat game of Old Maid!!  It was so much fun... I LOVE kids games!

I love watching the boys with Brady.  They are so lucky to have such a great Dad that not only works hard to provide for them financially, but also comes home and takes the time to love them :-)

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