Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesome Flat Iron!!

I ran to Target yesterday while Landon was at preschool to get some stuff and I came across the clearance section. They had a whole bunch of flat irons on clearance for $9.98... I figured, this product must suck if it is on clearance 1/2 price. So, I put it back and walked away. I thought about it and decided to go back and grab it and if it was indeed a piece of junk, I would just throw it away.

So, this morning I tried it and... it worked AWESOME!!! Way better than my current one. My hair looks so purty now ;-)

If you are in need of a new flat iron, check out your Target ASAP and look for the Remington Design Flat Iron... for only $9.98!!! :-)

This is the one I got... of course purple!!!
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