Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Without a Daddy... but Special Day at School!!

Today, Brady flew out to Boston for a work trip. He is only going to be gone a few days, but we definitely miss him while he is away :-( The boys seem to act out a little more when he is gone for periods of time... either, this is how they deal with daddy being gone, or they are taking advantage of the situation. O'well, nothing Mama Jen can't handle ;-)

So, today Landon had preschool and it was his "special day." This means he gets to be the teacher's special helper during class and bring the class snack. He LOVES when it is his "day!" I was kind of sad today, because this was his last special day of his preschool career... he has been in preschool for almost two years and I have got pretty comfortable with his awesome teachers. NOOOOOOO... don't be almost over :-( I wish he could stay this age forever!! Okay, back on track... so, he had a great day and Brock and I stayed and watched him do the morning opening of class, where he gets up and helps the teacher... so fun :-)

I also registered Landon for kindergarten today... he is all set for the Fall!!! He is so excited, me... not so much :-/
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