Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unexpected Day

My day definitely did not go as planned, as I woke up to 8" of snow outside... just when I think Spring may be here, I wake up and remember I live in Minnesota :-(

We were pretty much stuck in the house all day (snow was WAY too heavy for me to shovel the driveway & Brady was in Chicago still). I just wanted to go and workout or go and do an activity with the kids, but I couldn't!! The kids were sooooo stir crazy and were getting into trouble/fighting with each other all day. I was very happy when Brady finally got home tonight... my knight in shining armor :-)

Amazingly, both boys and Brady were all sleeping by 9pm tonight!! YAY... I was so happy and excited to have some much needed quiet time to read my book, which I am very happy to say I finished!! I love history and usually only read non-fiction or biographical books and after watching the entire Tudors Series on Showtime, I was very excited to read more on that time period. So, I read Six Wives of Henry VIII... Loved it!!

So excited I finally was able to finish my book!!

Also, the next best thing to two little boys fast asleep, is a 1 year old Weimaraner asleep... trust me, it is a wonderful site ;-)

Sky McMullen finally asleep!!
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