Monday, March 21, 2011

Play Date Groups... blah

The other day while picking up the kids at our health club childcare center, I noticed a flyer on the wall advertising a local play date group. I grabbed a card, sat there awhile and then put it back... who am I kidding, I can not stand play date groups!!!!

I love getting together with my good friends & family members with their kids for play dates, but the organized play dates, where you get together with a bunch of unknowns and everyone is in hope of becoming besties is NOT for me.... trust me I have tried many times!!

First of all, I don't read parenting books... I go with my instincts as a mother and follow the way I was brought up. Most of these moms that go to the PD groups have read every book under the sun on "how to raise your child." Trust me, they KNOW EVERYTHING and they do everything "perfect"!!! haha- I have to sit there and listen to how "Timmy is not allowed to watch any TV, unless it is Disney or age appropriate educational shows," "We don't let Lily have any sweets," "Our kids have a strict bedtime at 7:00pm," "We sit down and do learning everyday for an hour." Um, all I can say is that is must suck to be your kid and someday you are going to have a major rebellion on your hands!!! ;-)

Second, they gossip about each other... they love to sit around and talk about those not there and how they are not up to par with their parenting (because, remember... they know everything). Oh, crap... now I have to come to everything, or they are going to have a whole lot to talk about with me!!

Getting into my last point... once you get sucked into one PD, they expect you to show up to every playground event, lunch event and cookie baking event. It seems as though they can't do anything with their kids by themselves. If you don't show up, you are now going to ostracize when you do, because this is a cult... Oh, I mean a really close PD group!!

This is my question: With the amount of time these moms put into the PD, when do they have time to do their work at home? I am not sure about them, but I have laundry, cooking, bathrooms to clean, vacuuming, mopping, taking my kids to events (all by myself... gasp), taking Landon to preschool and so on and so on.... how do they have time to do all of these things at home when they want to spend every other day together at the PD?

With these experiences, I choose not to be apart of play date groups... they are no good. Period.

If you are offended by any of this, most likely you are apart of one of these cults... I mean PD groups ;-) LOL

*Definition of Cult:
a pejorative term for a group whose beliefs or practices are considered strange.
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