Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tonight after dinner, the boys and I ran over to Target to buy a new area rug. Brady was working late, so I figured this would be something to do to pass the time.

We got in the door and of course we had to get the big cart with the seats in the front... it makes the trip that much better! So, Brock wanted to take his jacket off before he got on the cart, so I turned to help him and I hear some lady say all snarky, "YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN ON THAT RIGHT NOW." I turn to see a woman Target employee quickly turn and walk away before I could make eye contact with her... then I looked at Landon and he was standing on the cart seat (not any different than he normally does). He was definitely not in any danger, as he is a 5 year old boy and WAIT... isn't that MY job to discipline MY kids??

I understand that children have a risk of getting hurt on "their" carts, but I feel that it was inappropriate to discipline him when I was standing right there. I would have appreciated it if she were to kindly come over and let me know that it would be safer for him to sit down.

I am the first one to call out my kids if they are behaving badly and I am not one to be over protective when they are in the wrong... but I have to say that I DO NOT like when other people step in and try to discipline my kids. I feel like it is a slap in the face to the parent and it is like them telling you that you are not doing your job!

Landon was not yelling, crying, throwing a fit, jumping, running... just stood up on the cart. Parent's have enough stress just taking their kids to the store, they definitely do not need other people getting involved over silly things.

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