Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to Minnesota!

It has been an awful winter here in Minnesota... it has been long, cold and very snowy. Three days ago a big rain storm came through and the next day, most of the horrible snow was gone!!! Yay, Spring is finally here. Though, in MN you never can celebrate too soon. Yesterday morning I woke up to a big snow storm, which lead to about 8" on the ground :-(

I am mad, sad, depressed and I just want to say how much I hate this state... but I am not. I am going to think happy thoughts and only good things about MN. This state is way too good to have the bad rep because of the cold/snowy winters (which can, at times be beautiful).

Here are some of my favorite things about living in the State of Minnesota!!

Beautiful North Shore
Dagenais Family Farm in Princeton
Up north at the cabin, right after a snow storm
Mall of America
We have the BEST seasons, I LOVE Fall in MN
Summit Avenue in St. Paul... our favorite place to go
View of the lake up north at the cabin
Great local lakes in the Twin Cities
MN has great museums
Oh, yeah... another snow storm!! lol

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