Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Kids HATE Girl Scout Cookies!!!

I have never heard of kids not liking Girl Scout cookies, but I just threw away two packages because my boys whine & cry every time I bring them out. Since Brady and I watch our sugar intake, we usually don't have a lot of sweets in the house and when we do it is usually sugar free... so, I am guessing that the GS cookies are just too sweet for them.

I always buy them from my little sister-in-law every year to be supportive and this year I thought it would be a treat for the boys after dinner... but every time I grab them, they both yell "NOOOO!" They then ask for the Sugar Free Oreos... they LOVE those so much!! I am happy that they choose better foods, but I think it is a little strange for such little kids not to like Girl Scout Cookies!!!

Sorry, Girl Scouts ;-)

Cookie Monster would be so disappointed ;-) lol

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