Monday, March 28, 2011

"My book just ran out of batteries"

We live in a society where everyone HAS to have the latest and greatest electronic items. It is as though everything these days run off of batteries. Computers, phones, iTouch, iPad and most of our children's learning gadgets... it is really sad in a way.

Now, we have stooped to our lowest, we had thrown out our books and replaced them with another battery dependent computer, the Kindle & Nook. There are so many small Mom & Pop book shops going out of business (even the big ones) because people are just "uploading" their books.

There is just something about curling up on the couch or in bed, holding that book in my hands and physically turing the page.... it is the best!! I love everything about an actual book... the cover, seeing how many pages that I have left to read and of course the satisfaction of finishing it. I know I can not get that from a handheld computer.

I understand that some people love the computer book, but I am going to stick with the real thing... this is one trend I am not going along with.
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