Monday, March 7, 2011

Family Movie Night!!

Last night we had a family movie night!! It has been the first one we have had since Brock was born. We used to do them all the time when Landon was little and then when Brock was born, it was just too much with him being a baby and us trying to get them to bed at a regular routine. Now that Brock is two and can sit through a movie, we are very excited to start having movie nights again!!

So, we brought down all the blankets and pillows and placed them on the floor... so comfy! Then, we turned off all the lights and started the movie, The Last Airbender!! The boys LOVED it!! It was a super long movie and even Brock sat through it all, only getting up a couple times to walk around.

I can't wait for our next movie night!!
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