Monday, March 14, 2011

Casino/Birthday Weekend

We got home this afternoon from a super fun overnight at the casino celebrating my brother-in-laws 21st birthday!! We stayed right at the casino and we had a really nice room situation with a huge parlor room with two connecting bedroom/bathrooms.

We started the night off with dinner downstairs and then went back upstairs for drinking games and of course, showing off our dance moves!!! The Witt boys LOVE to show off their MOVES ;-) At about 10pm we all went downstairs to the casino. I was up $43 within 5 min of sitting down at the .2 cents slot... I sat and ran it down for 2 hours while sitting next to my sister-in-law having great conversations... I only spend $2 the whole time!! I was very excited about my night :-) No one won big, but we were all there for the fun of it.

I woke up with the BIGGEST headache, which was my reminder that I am not 21 myself!! My in-laws were so nice to take the boys overnight... they always have so much fun sleeping over at grandma & grandpa's house :-)

Crazy Pics of Brady & I

The Witt guys showing off their moves!!
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