Thursday, January 13, 2011

The BIG Question!!

This is how most conversations start out, when the BIG questions is asked...

Me: "Hi! I haven't seen you for so long!! How have you been?"

Other Person: "Great! How about you?"

Me: "Oh, I keep super busy with my two little boys, and you."

Other Person: "Busy with work & family... so where are you working now?"

Me: "Well, I am a stay at home mom right now and really love being home with the kids."

Other Person: "Oh... really... (Here comes the "question") sooooo, what does your husband do for a living?"

LOL... that is the FIRST thing everyone asks me when I tell them I am a stay at home mom!! Brady and I laugh because we know people always want to know what he does for work and they ask with with the most concerned/inquisitive look on their face... like either he must have the most wonderful job in the world, or we are struggling on welfare!!

When I tell them what he does, they always seem pretty satisfied and move on. I wonder if other SAHM's get that question a lot? I mean, what your husband/wife does for a living can be a deciding factor in either one staying home full-time with the kids, but I find it funny everyone is so interested.

So, what Brady does is he works for a national pharmaceutical company... he works on the healthy living side in the Sales department. He LOVES what he does and the products that he sells... I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. He has worked really hard to get to the point where I can stay home and we can live a comfortable life :-)
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