Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy Friday!!

What a day today!! We started the day off with breakfast & bath time and then took off to the library. Landon loves the library!! He doesn't like the "kids" area anymore though, he prefers to get his books from the "pre-teen" area... he can't even read, but most of the books still have a lot of pictures. He has always been ahead of his time, I think it is because he LOVES his uncles (who are close in age) and wants to be just like them :-) Brock picked out some cute puppy books and two kid's movies. After paying off my $11.00 fine for late fees (lol), Landon did the checkout and we were on our way.

Next we stopped at Cici's Pizza Buffet for lunch... this was our first time there!! The boys LOVED everything and I was on my feet the entire time retrieving them food. I think I sat down for 5 min and chowed down a couple pieces of pizza!! The great thing was, kids 3 and under eat FREE!!! So, between the three of us, I only spent $12 for lunch... that was awesome. We will definitely be frequenting there again :-)

Landon & Brock eating pizza & pasta for lunch... Brock is in the middle of eating and saying, "cheese!"

When we got home (around 1pm) I tried putting Brock down for a nap and he was all hyped up from the fun afternoon... so, lucky him got to skip nap time and help me clean the house ;-) Brock helped me clean the bathrooms, do laundry, vacuum all three levels, do the dishes and clean his bedroom. He fell right to sleep tonight and is totally out! We know this because brother Landon had a tantrum right outside his room and Brock never even budged!! lol

Brock helping me vacuum!!
Landon's job is to take the garbages out... he is starting to think this job is not very fun!! lol

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