Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Strange Addiction

I just started watching the new show on TLC, My Strange Addiction. I find that it is super hard to watch sometimes because some of the addictions are gross and scary. It is not easy to understand why these people do what they do, like eat laundry detergent, sleep with a blow dryer, eat soap, obsessed with working out and next weeks episode shows a woman who eats the inside of a sofa cushion. I cringe the entire show... but I can't stop watching it!!

I started to think, what are my strange addictions?? I don't have very many addictions, but I do have some obsessions. Obviously, nothing I do is too strange or crazy... because if I did, I would be on the show ;-) Here are my top three addictions/obsessions:

~ I am addicted to my childhood blanket... I sleep with it every night, I bring it with me when I travel & whenever I need a break or need to calm down, I grab my blanket. I know I am a grown woman with a husband and children, but I need my "security" blanket still!!

~ I am obsessed with my looks and the fear of "looking" older... I spend long periods of time in front of the mirror at night when everyone goes to bed. I obsess over every wrinkle, blemish, my hair and weight. I am constantly washing my face, giving myself facial scrubs, I put under eye cream & facial lotion on 2-3 times a day and I try to figure out how I am going to do my hair the next day before I go to bed.

~ I am addicted/obsessed with keeping rugs alined... I can not walk by a rug in my house without stopping and making it "straight." With two boys and a dog, I spend a lot of my day straightening the living room area rug... it drives me crazy!! Unfortunately, both of my boys have caught on to this, especially Landon. He always makes sure the area rug is straight when I am busy around the house. I have straightened other people's rugs at their houses before and on more than one occasion, I have stopped and straightened rugs at stores.

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