Friday, January 28, 2011

My Exercise Routine This Week

Call me crazy (or a little paranoid), but I decided not to go to the gym at all this week because I was worried about the kids and I getting sick before vacation... well, I got sick anyways, so I guess I was looking out for the kids. I put the kids in the childcare center while I workout and someone always comes home sick. So, I decided to walk the indoor track at the Brooklyn Park Community Center, while Landon was at preschool on T/TH (he attends preschool at the community center). Brock was so happy to be able to get a stroller ride for an hour and a half and I actually got a pretty good workout!! Of course I didn't get to lift weights like I do at the gym, but I feel as though lifting kids all day counts towards lifting weights ;-)

Tuesday, Brock was all smiles and loving the walk
Thursday, he fell asleep before I even made it one time around the track

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