Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sky Zone!!

We needed to get the boys out of the house today... we needed a plan. They were bouncing off the walls and fighting over everything!! Brady did some research and found a place 15 mins away called Sky Zone, which is a indoor trampoline center. We had no idea what to expect when we got there and to our amazement, there was a child's play haven just down the road and we never knew about it!! The boys (and Brady) had so much fun!! I was a little nervous about having Brock out there, even though he was in the 5 and under area because older kids kept coming over to jump. They were super anal about parents going out either, unless you paid the $12 fee.

Brady eventually just went out with Brock after a little girl beat him up... literally!! I am not one to get upset when there is confrontation between kids, because I know they are KIDS, but this little girl went after Brock!! She pushed him down and then jumped on top of him and started hitting him!! Brock was crying/screaming bloody murder and I freaked out because I couldn't go out there nor could I find her parents anywhere. Finally, the lady working there ran out and saved our little guy... the mom came over "shocked" that her little girl would do such a thing and made her apologize... Brock wanted nothing to do with her!! lol Even as the little girl was leaving 20min later, she ran over one more time and shoved him over... maybe she liked him ;-)

Anywho, overall it was a super fun afternoon!! We are going to go back next time during Toddler Time in the morning where parent's are able to go out with the kids for free :-)

Video Clip of Brady & Boys jumping

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