Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brock's New Baby Boy!!

This week when we were over visiting my Mom at her house, I went downstairs in the storage and brought up a bunch of my old toys for the kids to play with... I brought up trolls, trucks, stuffed animals and a couple dolls. I was guessing the boys would be repulsed at the site of a baby doll and Landon was, but Brock LOVED them!! He was so gentle with the babies and wrapped them up in blankets, put their paci in so nice and pushed them around the house in the shopping cart.

When it was time to leave, Brock cried for the babies. He wanted to take them home. I figured he would be over them 10 min after we left my parent's house, so I told he they have to stay at Grandma's. For the rest of the day he cried for babies :-(

Being a mom of only boys, I was elated at the idea of going out at buying a doll!!! So, yesterday after we dropped Landon off at my MIL's for an overnight, Brock and I went to the store and I let him pick one out. I think I had just as much fun as he did :-) He picked out a cute "boy" baby with a pacifier just like his. Since yesterday, he has made sure baby is always near!! I am enjoying this brief moment in time where one of my boys loves dolls, pretty soon he will probably be pulling its arms off and dragging it behind his power wheel truck ;-)

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