Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Public Service Announcement:

This is a friendly public service announcement: Now that the holiday season is over, please take down your Christmas lights and Santa junk in your front yard. Yes, I totally understand it is freezing outside, but take 10 min every day and get it done. Valentine's Day is in a couple weeks, which means a new holiday. I want to be able to think that warmth is in the near future and I can't do that when you have your red & green lights blinking on your house reminding me of the cold winter!!

To the family kitty-corner to us: During the holidays, your house is beautiful and festive... but please, please take your decorations down earlier than Easter this year!! Seriously, Christ has Risen by then!!!!

If you still have your Christmas stuff up, you may not be lazy, but it comes across as though you are. Also, please do not take this personal as it is suppose to be a "friendly" reminder ;-)

Thank you and have a wonderful day :-)
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