Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Boys

It is amazing what two little boys have done to me... I love them so much, that I can't even describe it. Being home with them full-time, I really feel as though there is a bond between the three of us that will last a lifetime. They make me laugh, entertain me, drive me crazy, keep me on my toes, hug me, kiss me and most of all, they tell me they love me over and over again throughout the day.

In return, I listen to them, help them, teach them, discipline them, fall to the floor laughing with them and most of all take the time to love each one of them up. They are each so special in their own way.

Landon has a dark complexion and a little hottie!! He has more energy than any other child I know and rarely sleeps. He is in-tuned to what is going on around him and is very sharp... I sometimes forget I am talking to a 5 year old because he understands so much, maybe too much. His preschool teachers all say he is the most popular child in class and is a leader... I love hearing that he is liked among his peers :-) Landon is also sensitive and has no problem expressing his emotions and how he feels. He has the most amazing imagination and I love to hear the stories that he comes up with and acts out. He is my first born and we have a deep and unexplainable bond... he is my little buddy during the day and I love him so much :-)

Brock is my little blonde hair, blue eyed sweetie pie!! He is calm and loves to curl up on the couch or snuggle up in my arms during the day. He is a wonderful sleeper (besides waking up at 6:30am lol) and takes nice long naps everyday. Brock is the comedian of the family and will do anything for a laugh and you will most likely see him with a big smile on his face. He is a good friend and likes to play with his cousin Victoria & with the kids at the Lifetime Fitness Childcare Center. My heart melts when he runs to my arms and when he says, "mommy." He is my second & last child and there is no doubt that he and I are inseparable... literally!! You will still find me "wearing" him around the house while doing chores... I love this kid :-)

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